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You Know You’re in Elizabeth City When…

Posted on 06/19/2020 by Breanna Brower

From new businesses and restaurants opening all the time to our unique geographic location, there's something for every type of person that stands out about Elizabeth City. Here are 5 things that make our quaint little town special to locals and visitors alike. You know you're in Elizabeth City when...

1. You see the words "Harbor of Hospitality"

If you're driving in over the Camden Causeway you'll see the 135ft tall Pool Street Water Tower as you drive over the bridge. If you're a transient boater coming to dock at Waterfront Park or Mariners' Wharf, you'll see the banner boasting the city's "Harbor of Hospitality" logo. Not only do you see the words, but you'll feel the sentiment! Locals are known for being friendly and welcoming to all visitors.

shoreline view of elizabeth city from water

2. Waterfront Park and Mariners' Wharf

Speaking of the waterfront, another way you know you're in Elizabeth City is our unique location in northeast North Carolina's "inner banks". Rent a kayak or pontoon boat and spend a day on the Pasquotank River with family. Go fishing at Big Flatty, Charles Creek Park, the new Coast Guard Park (opening Summer 2020), or even go out with Albemarle Fishing Charters. If you're a boater or just find peace in relaxing in, on, or near the water, Elizabeth City is your coastal haven.

waterfront elizabeth city boardwalk with flag

3. Elizabeth City State University

Not every small, southern town has a State University...but Elizabeth City does! Right down the street from the downtown district of the city, you'll find the campus of Elizabeth City State University, home of the mighty Vikings! The University is recognized for being one of the most affordable and military-friendly HBCUs in the state of North Carolina. Whether you're just passing by their watertower or going on a campus tour, this constituent institution of The University of North Carolina School System is a clear sign you're in E. City.

aerial view ECSU campus

4. Coast Guard aircraft are a daily sighting

The Coast Guard Base Elizabeth City is the largest Coast Guard base on the east coast and a major hub of aviation training for the branch. The base itself is located in neighboring Weeksville, but no matter where you are in town you can almost guarantee you'll hear the rumble of a helicopter or see one of their planes coming in for a landing. For locals, this is so common we almost don't even notice it, but for visitors it's a novel sight to see!

front of coast guard airplane with propellers spinning

5. You see TCOM's blimp hangar

Blimps were a common sight during WWII, but Elizabeth City is one of the only places left in the world where you can see one now. If you're in the Weeksville vicinity checking out the Coast Guard base, make sure you drive just a few more minutes down the road to see one of the very last blimp hangars in the United States. The blimp hangar, owned by TCOM, L.P., is a massive 300,000 square foot metal structure that at full capacity, can accommodate six fully inflated 71-meter blimps! If your timing is just right, you just might catch sight of a blimp aloft.

view of tcom blimp base from across river

How many of these unique sights and attractions have you seen or visited in Elizabeth City? One thing is for sure, no matter which of these five things things resonate with you most, you know you're in Elizabeth City when you feel like you're home. 


Looking for more things to do and places to see in Elizabeth City? Check out our Insider's Guide Blog for a local's perspective on why EC is a great place to visit any time of year!

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