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E. City Hometown Heroes

Posted on 03/31/2020 by Breanna Brower

Our community is full of awesome people who are always there to lend a helping hand, serve their neighbors in a time of need, and provide services beyond what’s expected of them just for the sake of doing something good - these people are our E. City Hometown Heroes. Does a certain person come to mind?

If you have someone you would like to nominate as a Hometown Hero, we want to hear from you! Just click the orange "Nominate" button below and fill out the short form.

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During a time full of negativity, we’d like to take a moment to celebrate all the good that exists in our community by acknowledging these members of society who make our hometown so great.


jessica forbes and husband headshot"I don’t personally know Jessica Forbes but I do know she brought amazing joy to at least 600 kids over Easter. During this difficult time her & her company offered to do an Easter Egg delivery of 10,000 Easter eggs but went above & beyond to do 2,000 more to fill orders. I know of several families including my own who did not know what we were going to do for our little ones for Easter and her & her company, Forbes Plumbing, really came through for hundreds of kids! God bless them & their generosity."


selena stanberry

Selena Stanberry provides therapy to residents of Elizabeth City and the surrounding communities serving military members and their families. Through Harbor Counseling she has used Facebook to provide self care Bingo and care packages to the community during the pandemic. Harbor Counseling has also put together care packages with coping tools and crafts for kids to use with their families during this time.


perry dawson wearing face covering and holding plates in front of church van"Perry Dawson has always been an exceptional person spending his time helping others and always with a great smile. He always looks for a need and tries his very best to meet that need. Especially during this new time of need, he has gone above and beyond to meet the people where they are, share encouraging messages, deliver goodie bags to children and youth or anyone who has a need. He has done an amazing job of mentoring to the children and youth and caring for the adults as well. Job well done for a faithful servant of the Lord."


"Laura has always been one of the most passionate, loyal, caring people I have ever laura headshotknown. She has always put the needs of others before her own. She is passionate about her students, her children and her community. If you are lucky enough to be considered a friend of Laura’s you are blessed by one of the best. Laura is quick to drop whatever she is doing to help a friend in need. To always be there when she is needed and to be the most honest person in “telling it like it is” even when we as friends or students don’t want to hear it. She loves deeply! She is one of my heroes and feel that a lot of her students would say the same thing."


lana neal headshot"Lana Neal has always been someone to help others. Lana has served people during mission trips over the past 18 years to South America and Africa, as well as serving those here in our community. During this trying time in our country people need to feel connected and valued. That is where Lana has provided a place for those who feel isolated and alone. Lana has created a group via Facebook and on Zoom to help people who are confined to their homes during the stay at home order. This group provides an opportunity for the individuals to interact with others to discuss their fears and concerns with each other. Lana’s constant desire to help others has allowed the participants in this group to be together virtually during the quarantine. She is an amazing member of our community and an amazing friend."


"Mrs. Angela Richardson is an exceptional teacher in Camden county but supports the Elizabeth City teacher angela richardsonarea. During this time of crisis she delivers meals to the elderly. She is doing videos on Instagram for parents to get a better understanding for working with their children. She posts activities for parents also to understand and keep their children engaged. Some people do the bare minimum and she goes above and beyond for the community. She is definitely a home town hero. She gives her time and money to assist and help people and does not like to take credit. She is a behind the scenes person who always plays an essential part. That’s why she is being nominated today."


laura alvaricio and others wearing face covering volunteering"Laura Alvarico covers a 10 county region in Northeastern North Carolina. When COVID-19 hit our area and many other Directors stopped their Meals program and closed their congregate meals, Laura was able to revamp both programs and expand her program, providing meals to even more seniors than before the pandemic hit. She also implemented a pet food program, partnering with a local company to ensure the seniors were able to feed their pets. She was able to provide essential toiletries to homebound seniors as well. Laura also implemented a Cards of Encouragement program, which provided emotional support to those same homebound seniors. Laura had her staff start a Call Check In, reaching out to the clients to see if they needed anything and to check on their emotional well being. With her staff of 8 and army of local volunteers, she is helping hundreds across our region."


Eugene Overton, an Elizabeth City Hometown Hero.Mr. Eugene Overton is an outstanding humanitarian, neighbor, and community volunteer. He is 91 years young and has been a member of the Cosmopolitan Club for over 60 years and is in charge of the medical equipment exchange program. If this program was replicated nationwide it could save Medicare and Medicaid billions of dollars. 
Mr. Overton and other member’s pick-up equipment that is no longer needed and in many instances repair it and loan it out to uninsured or anyone in need at no cost to them. In fact, in the past 7 years the club has generated and donated over 3,000 items to residents of the Albemarle Region.

I recommend him without reservations because he makes himself available every single day for those in dire need, not just during a crisis.  - Hezekiah Brown


"I don’t know Jessa Trotman but when I saw what she did for Damari Jackson’s family, it touched my heart. She made shirtsjessa trotman signing graphic design banner memorial to support his family and made the banner for people to sign. We moved here last June and I haven’t met very many people yet but I would like to meet her. I’m amazed by her kindness and selflessness and I truly believe she deserves recognition." - Kimberly Cooper



kate speakman foreman headshot"I would like to nominate Karen Speakman Foreman for Hometown Hero. Karen takes care of her neighbors with a smile always on her face.  She uses her skills as a retired nurse to tend to those who are sick and those recovering from surgeries. Her morning routine often includes walking other people’s dogs.  On several occasions she has been asked to take care of neighbors homes in their absence or wait for repairmen when neighbors are at work. Karen is a neighborhood hero." - Hunter Michael


Michael and Tyreka Harrell are Hometown Heroes to many families in and around Elizabeth City.Michael and Tyreka Harrel holding balloons and donated birthday presents for children. The couple founded Birthday Presence, Inc. a non-profit dedicated to providing children who have lost a parent or legal guardian a birthday present to raise their spirit and remind them that they are important and loved.

Click the "learn more" button below to learn more about Birthday Presence, Inc.'s mission and how you can help them make a difference.

Donate to Birthday Presence, Inc. button to learn more


"Andy Montero has always been at the frontline of Andy Montero Hometown Hero wearing glasses and chef coatproviding relief to our community. Last year, he provided a beautiful dinner for Coastie families at no cost to them. He continued to offer spaghetti dinners to anyone in the community and still offers this even when financing seems questionable. He's always been a huge helper and advocate of our food bank. Andy Montero is definitely our hometown hero." - Crystal Etheridge



Tonie Goldsmith at Elizabeth City Middle School wearing backpack in front of yellow jacket banner"Deputy Tonie Goldsmith, for all she does for our youth in the community, everything from giving them rides to school, helping with school work, opening her home to our kids and even teaching dance!! She does an absolute amazing job mentoring our kids affording them a better opportunity! While doing all this I have never once heard anything about receiving help nor recognition for her selfless actions! She definitely deserves praise for her tireless efforts to not only engage with our youth but keep them on a path to success!!!" - Sheriff Wooten II


"Local seamstress, Lois White, recently made 187 cloth masks and donated them to the staff at Sentara Albemarle Lois White donating 187 handmade face masks to the local hospital.Medial Center. She continues to sew more masks to donate in an effort to help support the medical staff get through this shortage of supplies to help keep them safe as they work during the COVID-19 epidemic." - Leigh Austin

Thank you Lois for helping our local healthcare workers stay safe! 


steve changary wearing hat and glasses"We'd like to nominate our neighbor Steve Changary. We purchased our home 4/4/19 and were not here full-time until this past September. Steve has been a lifesaver ever since. He's always there to lend a hand. If you need a tool or help of any kind Steve is there. He watched over our property when we'd return to PA. Always with a kind word and helping hand, that's our neighbor Steve!" - Trish and Tom Staff



"I'd like to nominate Faith Long with Faithwerks Homemade Children's Quilts. Not only did she woman sewing handmade face masks to donatedonate her works during the Australian fires, she now has been sewing masks. As of March 30, she had made 268 masks. She donated 140 of them so far with plans to donate more. Any she has sold has been very reasonably priced so that families can afford them (she is basically pricing them to make back on material costs)." - Crystal Etheridge



Maureen Donally working with the Food Bank of the Albemarle"I’d like to nominate Maureen Donnelly, Vice President of the Food Bank of the Albemarle, as a hometown hero. Maureen (in green) enlisted regular citizens who were sitting at home in self quarantine to stuff envelopes for the food bank for emergency donations. We all felt like we were helping in a time when we felt helpless." - Terra Fox

The Food Bank of the Albemarle is a vital contributor to our community, especially during times of crisis. You can be a hometown hero by volunteering your time and services or by making a donation to the Food Bank. Now more than ever, Elizabeth City and the entire Albemarle region need your help to fight hunger in northeast North Carolina. Click the image below to donate or learn more ways that you can give back!

Donate now to the food bank of the albemarle.


I would like to nominate my neighbor, Mr. Luther Hinton. When my spouse would be out of town for work, he was always at his door waiting and waving until my kids and myself would get in the house safely. He was always sitting at his door when kids would get off the school bus. During the holidays he would get our packages for us. When we were on vacation, he would get our mail, put out garbage can, despite the fact that he has medical issues himself. He notices who comes when we are not at home. He even reminds my husband of our anniversary(husband forgot one year).I am very proud to have him as my neighbor.  - Janet Jernigan


We're thankful to have so many Hometown Heroes who make Elizabeth City and Pasquotank County a great place to live and visit!

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