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Pontoon Boating Fun in Elizabeth City

Posted on 07/10/2018 by Visit Elizabeth City

Since humans began exploring the planet, we’ve followed water. Crossing oceans gave way to the discovery of new territories, which changed the course of history, and following rivers opened our horizons. As travelers, we still seek waterways on vacation and for those living near or traveling to large bodies of water, they can provide hours of family fun. Elizabeth City’s excellent climate allows for year-round, water-related activities so whether you’re a resident of our little town or are visiting from a land-locked region, you’ll want to take advantage of all the North Carolina coast has to offer. You can now enjoy an afternoon at a leisurely pace on the picturesque Pasquotank River and our harbor area by renting a pontoon boat from Pelican Marina (43 Camden Causeway; ph: 252-335-5108). With the capacity to hold up to 10 people, as well as fur babies, which are welcomed, feel free to cast a line in the water as fishing from the boat is allowed. For an additional fee, a licensed captain can be provided if you wish to indulge in some libations while enjoying the scenic views. However, if you plan to drive on your own, alcohol is not permitted on the boat nor is the pulling of a toy behind the boat. Boating fun can be had from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm and for safety purposes, it is recommended boaters stay in the Pasquotank River area, which offers a wide variety of experiences from our broad harbor, where our city is perched, to the Coast Guard base, to more remote spots along the dense, tree-lined river. To ensure the boat is available, call a week in advance to reserve. Life jackets and a cooler for all your essentials will be provided and when you arrive, there will be a 30-minute orientation that will need to be completed before you head out on the water. Rental rates for the boat are $100 for 4 hours and $175 for a full day. Pelican Marina does require a $500 deposit for incidentals, via cash or credit card, which is refunded once the boat is returned in good condition. Make weekend plans that no one will want to cancel! 

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