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Kayak Fishing in the Albemarle - Elizabeth City's Fishing with Mike

Posted on 03/02/2018 by Liza Franco

Here in the Albemarle region we are surrounded by water with our rivers, creeks, ponds and the sound. We have more access to fishing than just about any other area in the state. In our rivers we can catch largemouth bass on one cast then catch a puppy drum on the next. It makes for a great place to fish but a lot of us have no way to fish but from the bank until now. Kayak fishing has exploded over the past few years and with a kayak you can fish almost any body of water we have to choose from. The great thing about kayak fishing is once you have made the initial investment there is almost no overhead after that. What that means is there is no gas, oil, tags or insurance. You simply load up the kayak and go fishing. With today’s technology and anglers like myself and others pushing for new ideas, we have brought the industry up to what is needed for anglers with rod holders, anchors, electronics and new gadgets being invented every day. We even have a club that just started here in Elizabeth City called the Albemarle Kayak Anglers who specialize in bass fishing from kayaks. There are no monthly dues and you only have to pay for the tournaments that you fish. Kayak anglers are known to share the information on where and when the fish are biting and what they are hitting on. If you don’t want to bass fish there is always crappie, perch and even fishing from the beach for drum and blues. Kayak fishing has some very distinct advantages over owning a boat besides the overhead. You can sneak into shallow water and fish where nobody has before including some of the creeks we have that are blocked off by low water bridges. Stealth is also key with a yak because it makes very little noise and has almost no water line for the fish to see. I have gone into ponds and literally caught fish right under my boat in less than 3 feet of crystal clear water. I have also been in the Chesapeake Bay and had the striper pin the menhaden under my kayak with the fish busting all around the boat. It is a totally different way to fish and you don’t know how much fun it can be until you try. The fishing report for the offshore guys is looking up with tuna coming back to the docks in almost every marina. Bluefin are giant right now with some fish coming in over 500 pounds but there seems to be a pretty good run of yellowfin and blackfin to round out the catch. We even have some king mackerel coming in closer to shore. It’s great to see the fleet getting out again. On the beach the big news is the giant drum being caught this week at the point. It has been consistently paying off this winter, but the big drum made an appearance this week with a lot of drum coming in over 40inches. There also seems to be some mullet mixed in with the drum closer to shore and there is plenty of bait running up and down the beaches. Here at home we are still talking about the largemouth bite that has got everybody excited. The water temps moved into the high 50s and low 60s and that has triggered the bass to move shallow onto the wood. The best way to fish for them is pitching soft plastic to the shore and working it back to the boat. Some days they are right on the bank while other days they are deeper on the drop offs. Keep an eye on the barometer and if it is rising then slow down and work the ledges but if a front is approaching pitch it right to the bank and work the shallow wood. That is exactly what Jessica Buchanan did while fishing with her dad David on the Chowan. They fished the main river wood and she caught multiple largemouth including some nice fish over 3 pounds. Nice job Jessica and keep up the good work. The striper are turning on again with the warmer water and fish being caught trolling the sound bridge with stretch lures and I even got a report that they are hitting top water baits on the Neuse River. If anyone gets out this week send me a report and some bragging pictures to or hit me up on Facebook at Fishing with Mike and I will be glad to help with any questions on kayak fishing or the club.    

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