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Exploring Antiques & Architecture in Elizabeth City, North Carolina

Posted on 03/19/2019 by Visit Elizabeth City

Since its founding in 1794, Elizabeth City has been a city teeming with culture, with history alive through its many remarkable structures. It’s also known as the “Harbor of Hospitality®”, and its port has seen many curious items pass through. We encourage you to explore the antiques and architecture of Elizabeth City, North Carolina.


1.    Coppersmith Antiques & Auction Company

antique brooches with jewels and pearls

Antiques are the lifelong passion of Coppersmith owners Rick and Jennifer, and it shows as soon as you enter the welcoming store atmosphere in the heart of Elizabeth City. These extremely knowledgeable dealers are always adding to their extensive selection of antiques & collectibles, and have over 100 pieces of beautiful wood furniture along with an outstanding collection of estate jewelry. Check out their upcoming auctions here!


2.    Main Street Residential District Tour

Historic Walking Tour house elizabeth city

Starting in 1890, Elizabeth City’s leading businessmen commissioned real estate that was designed to reflect fine living. The walking tour will tell you about the Fearing house, where an examining coroner at a famous murder trial resided. It also details the intricacies of a Superior Court Judge’s Queen Anne architecture constructed in 1898 - featuring a conical-roofed tower and a unique Eastlake balustrade. You’ll find even more excellent insight into the architecture and history of these homes in the downloadable tour map!


3.    EC Designs NC

antique chandelier and piano

In EC Designs NC, you’ll find stunning collection of antique furniture and much more, such as a walnut, Louis the 15th, petite grand piano from around 1950, and hand-painted Victorian screens. The shop owner, Edward Fearing is quite the historian and has wonderful stories about Elizabeth City.


4.    River Bridge: Sunken Secrets Exhibit

River Bridge exhibit at Museum of the Albemarle

To discover some fascinating objects that have passed through Elizabeth City – some more than 300 years old - head to the Sunken Secrets Exhibit in Museum of the Albemarle. The artifacts recently found from an exploration of an early colonial port site in the Pasquotank River include everything from Revolutionary War era dinner plates to a 1700s German broad axe. You can even learn how archaeologist put the fractured pieces back together again!  Need a souvenir from your trip to Elizabeth City?  Stop by the Museum of the Albemarle Gift Shop.


5.    Rockstar Rust

antique storage trunk

Located in old Millworks Shop, the new Rockstar Rust is full of character. The store imaginatively repurposes previously loved items into unusual, one-of-a-kind, antique household goods, art, and furniture. It’s easy to get lost in the sizeable showroom, including the consignment area where others sell their own pieces.


6.    The Nesting Cottage

antique dresser with flower design

With 70,000 square feet of great deals on antiques, furniture, and interior decorating pieces, you’ll love exploring the Nesting Cottage. Owner/designer Cheryl Collins is very inviting and knowledgeable, and often finds very unique items such as a corner gun cabinet and hand built, step-back bookcases¬. As one TripAdvisor reviewer says: “Don't blow your money on that souvenir made in China, stop by and take a piece of NC back home with you!”


7.   Elizabeth City State University Walking Tour

ECSU Bias Hall

Elizabeth City State University was established in 1891 as a black college, and its tour will have you winding your way through the national historic district of the campus quadrangle and six surrounding buildings. The earliest building was constructed in 1921 and the latest in 1939, with sturdy, brick facades common of the time.


Elizabeth City is full of history, and we invite you to explore it through its antiques, artifacts, and architecture! Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to stay connected!

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