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Welcome Coasties!

We are surrounded by history, nature, fun and adventure.
Let us show you the way.

Welcome to Elizabeth City, NC.
There is just something special about Elizabeth City, the quiet charm, hometown feel or the friendly atmosphere, but something brings folks back here time and time again.  If it’s your first time here, delve into the incredible history, enjoy nature and take life at a slower pace.  There is plenty of time for relaxation and adventure and all within close proximity.

E-City is loaded with Aviation Trail, Civil War, World War II, Dismal Swamp and Underground Railroad history.  For nature lovers there are four NC State Parks within 60 miles with Elizabeth City as the central location.  The beach is also only  60 miles away  for those who want to wiggle their toes in the sand and ride a wave.

Need to know the latest happenings in E.C.?  Keep up to date with our local events here and some just outside of our area here.

Great food and libations will get you ready to explore.

Start planning your adventures now!

Local Favorites
Some great things to try right here in your own neck of the woods!

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