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Photo: The Future of Travel in Elizabeth City is Inclusive
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All Are Welcome Here!

hos·pi·tal·i·ty: the quality or disposition of receiving and treating guests and strangers in a warm, friendly, generous way.

The nickname "Harbor of Hospitality®" isn't just a clever tagline. A 2019 study of past Elizabeth City visitors in showed that the top three words used to describe Elizabeth City were: small, quaint, and friendly. We hear all the time from repeat visitors that the people of E-City are what make it so amazing. As members of the hospitality community, we can make an even larger impact on visitors and residents by making intentional decisions to make people from all walks of life feel not only welcome, but included in Elizabeth City.

The future of travel in Elizabeth City is inclusive. We acknowledge the need to evolve our city's actions related to inclusion and have just begun to scratch the surface of what we plan to accomplish in the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion space in the next three years. We've harnessed the collective voice of our community and partnered with inclusion expert Melissa Majors Consulting to create the assets found on this page to help us all be better, more inclusive, ambassadors of our beautiful city.

diverse travelers in elizabeth city north carolina

You can make an impact within your business or organization by:

  1. Checking out this Hospitality Toolkit that covers important topics for Elizabeth City business owners and tourism partners including: who we are, how to work with us, Elizabeth City fun facts, helpful web pages and more.
  2. Watching this 30-minute training video from Inclusion Expert, Melissa Majors Consulting, for a guide to best practices for your business to be inclusive to all visitors and travelers.
  3. Reading our inclusion strategy with our plans for evolving, connecting, and involving all members of our community on our intentional journey to illuminate the diverse people, places, and history that make Elizabeth City a special place to live, work and visit. Adopt ideas in the plan if they work for your business and let us know how we can do better!

Thank you for taking the time to read the information on this page and we look forward to serving all members of our community alongside invaluable partners like you.

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