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Start the New Year in Elizabeth City

Posted on 01/11/2017 by Visit Elizabeth City

What do New Year’s resolutions and babies have in common? They’re fun to make yet extremely difficult to maintain. We can help you start off the New Year right with a resolution you can’t wait to begin.   Travel more. Invite more joy into your life by traveling to new locations. Travel is a highly underrated investment in ourselves, broadening our horizons and exposing us to new people, cultures, and points of view. Take a trip to northeast North Carolina and experience our rich local culture and heritage. Visit a region shaped by our unique relationship with water, and explore local artifacts on display and interpreted in the Museum of the Albemarle. This regional museum offers just a taste of the beauty you’ll experience during your stay in Elizabeth City.  

Enjoy life to the fullest. One of the reasons people enjoy living in and visiting Elizabeth City is its location, which offers a wide variety of different day trip adventures. Here it’s possible to see a black bear, step back in history at North Carolina’s oldest home, and soak in the Outer Banks’ sunshine, sand, and surf just 45 minutes away – all in a single weekend adventure. Elizabeth City is the perfect way to get the most out of your next vacation.

  Get in shape.

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Exercising, losing weight, and getting fit are some of our top resolutions. Keep yourself motivated by switching up the scenery. Mariners' Wharf in downtown Elizabeth City offers spectacular views to jumpstart your morning fitness routine.   Meet new people. There’s a reason Elizabeth City is known as the Harbor of Hospitality. It’s earned this name because most locals greet visitors with a smile and strike up a conversation. It doesn’t take long to make new friends, even for those who choose to travel solo. Consider staying at a local B&B or inn, and get to know the owners and fellow guests on a first name basis.   Reduce stress. Stress can be harmful to your relationships as well as your health. Breakup with your stress-inducing smartphone for a few days and reconnect with nature by taking a guided canoe tour at Merchants Millpond State Park or walking along the Pasquotank River on a boardwalk.   Spend less money. Elizabeth City offers several affordable entertainment options, so you can stretch your budget even further. Most local attractions, such as the Museum of the Albemarle, Arts of Albemarle and Port Discover, are free to the public. Elizabeth City also offers delicious lunch options that won’t break your vacation budget.   Play more. Play isn’t idle tomfoolery, and it isn’t just for kids. It’s actually an important source of relaxation and entertainment for adults. Why not be a Rockstar for just a night, singing karaoke at Plaza Azteca? You might also attend an art class at Studio 511, hang glide off a sand dune, or make a new friend at Alpaca Lotta Fun Farm. Visit Elizabeth City and let your inner child come out and play.   Learn something new. When was the last time you said, “I didn’t know that!” and meant it? Find something you may have lost: your curiosity. Consider attending one of the Dismal Swamp State Park’s educational programs where you can learn about birding, denizens of the Dismal and its history.   Build alone time into your schedule.

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It's important to have solitude and recharge, by not over-scheduling other obligations at that time.   Spend more time with family.

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In our hectic Monday through Friday, it can be difficult to find time to reconnect with loved ones. Why not consider taking a multi-generational vacation in the historic Albemarle region? Sure, anyone can spend a week at Walt Disney World or take a family cruise. But why not try something a little different, returning home with unforgettable memories – observe an alligator sunning itself, learn about the Wright Brothers' time in Elizabeth City, watch Spanish Mustangs on the beach, or take a fishing expedition.   Start expressing yourself artistically. Most of us have a creative side – one only ignited further by Elizabeth City’s incredible sunsets and sunrises. Expressing yourself in some creative, artistic way can keep your mind sharp and free your soul. Consider attending our annual fall SPLASH Week, where artists come together to create, collaborate, and celebrate.   We wish you luck in keeping your resolutions, and we can’t wait to see you in 2017. Don’t forget to share your memories with us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook using #DiscoverECity. Christina Rehklau, Director of the CVB, left the corporate world about five years ago to persuade others to take more vacation time by working in tourism. Christina is a recent northern transplant from Ohio, so she’s still working on her Carolinian accent. To her, every day in the Albemarle region presents a new adventure and something to be explored. Follow her explorations of the area on Twitter at @CLRehklau or Instagram at @crehklau.  

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