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Elizabeth City's Best Places to Bike

There are multiple cycling options in the Elizabeth City and surrounding areas, whether you’re looking to just tool around neighborhoods or take longer treks into the beautiful countryside.... READ MORE

Kayaking an Elizabeth City Favorite, Great Dismal Swamp

Even when it’s busy—when many people out to enjoy the oddity of a mild day in early July—I can’t help but see the Great Dismal Swamp through an ego-fueled tunnel vision. Having visited at least a couple times every week, for several months, I’ve come to see the park as my own personal space.... READ MORE

Kayak Fishing in the Albemarle - Elizabeth City's Fishing with Mike

Here in the Albemarle region we are surrounded by water with our rivers, creeks, ponds and the sound. We have more access to fishing than just about any other area in the state.... READ MORE

Fishing Kayaks - Elizabeth City's Fishing with Mike

Now you can get a kayak specifically designed to fish out of in fresh or salt water with rail systems that mount rod holders, depth finders or even anchors. One of the biggest advancements in the past few years is the pedal drive systems that come in some of the kayaks.... READ MORE

5 Best Places to Kayak Around Elizabeth City, NC

We have selected five kayaking ventures from the Albemarle Region Paddling Trails you should traverse on your next visit.... READ MORE

Kayaking Adventures in Elizabeth City

The Albemarle Region is rich in opportunities to experience outdoor adventures. This week we caught up with Don Campbell, one of Elizabeth City’s local kayakers, who shared tips and info on how to have a safe and scenic waterway adventure here in the “Harbor of Hospitality.”... READ MORE

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